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2024-04-09 Read my review of Anna Strands new book The Assignment on PhMuseums platform for photography. (Image cropped) © Anna Strand

2023.10.01 How can photography change the way we view our childhood? Click on the link to read my text on artist Julian Slagman in the latest edition of Verk Tidskrift (in Swedish)


2022.12.14 In November I had the honour to present and talk to artists during the Gothenburg photobook festival. Here I am together with artist Anna Strand, one of the speakers in the festival program.


Click on the image above to access my Instagram account.

Höstsalongen 2022

2022.10.04 I´m part of this years autumn salon at Värmlands Museum. Be sure to check it out before it closes!

Vad vet hästar om sorg?

2022.07.01 My text on the artist Sean Gardiner and his work Talking to a Horse is publicised by Verk Tidskrift. Click on the link above to read (Swedish).


2022.03.15 My essay "Skyddsrummets tillvaro mellan myt och verklighet" is being broadcasted on Swedish Radio P1 today. To listen, klick on the image above.

Förvandla min klagan

2021.06.01 My essay "Förvandla min klagan i sång - Om skrivande som tröst" is being broadcasted on Swedish Radio P1 today. To listen, klick on the image above.

2020.10.01 In my essay “Tha gaze in the age of Corona”, I look at the work of artist Annsophie Anulfs and reflect over what kind of gaze is being activated when we encounter one another in zoom conferences and skype calls.

2020.06.30 This fall I will exhibit at Landskrona fotofestival (4-20 sept). The theme this year is The Architecture of Memory.

HDK-Valand plattform

2020.06.03 On the 12th of June, HDK-Valand will launch a website gathering examworks from all the different disciplines within the school. Lots of great works - check it out!


2020.05.27 I'm being interviewed by Ashik Zaman for C-Print Journal about my work in the ongoing grad-show.

2020.05.15 Check out my exam work by clicking on the image above.

2020.05.15 In her book Future of Nostalgia, Svetlana Boym look at how displays of nostalgia surge in times of uncertainty and social upheaval, something we are seeing a lot today. In my newly published essay Photographic Homecomings – Longing for Mythical Return I investigate nostalgias relationship to photography using Boyms book and images of my grandfather returning to his birthplace as a point of departure.

2020.05.15 This strange start to 2020 has resulted in an unusual graduation show from HDK-Valand. On friday the 15th May, we will launch a platform where our works will be shown, together with some great, newly written texts, talks, performances and more. Go to this Friday at 3 pm to join in!

2019.11.14 Presenting my work Born Into This for Joa Ljungberg from Moderna Museet Malmö.

2019.11.14 I´m in the show DON´T PASS ME BY at Galleri Format in Malmö together with my classmates from Valand. The show takes a look at the poster-format from different perspectives. The exhibition is open until the 14 of dec. Click on the image to the left for more info.

2019.08.30 Last night I talked with the wonderful David Nordström about my ongoing solo show. We touched on subjects ranging from creative collaborations and age discrimination to the allure of analogue photography.


2019.08.16 On the 16:th of August I open a solo show at Galleri Ekdahl in Karlstad.


2019.07.01 My essay Bridging the Gap was just publicised by Verk Tidskrift. The text examines how photography has been used to bridge gaps within families and is centered around a family photograph that was left on the surface of the moon by astronauts in 1972. The essay is accompanied by Johan Österholms wonderful images. Click on the screenshot to read the essay (in English).


2019.05.29 On Wednesday my book DAVID will be released at Göteborgs Konstmuseum.


2019.05.10 I'm participating in the group show New Realities opening on Friday at Academy Valand.

2018.05.20 My essay "The self portrait in dialogue - Identity and duality" is now available on Gothenburg University's new platform for photography, UGOT Photography. Click on the image on the left to access (Swedish only).

Stages (Efva and I)

2018.04.28 Extracts from my contribution to Valand Academys 2018 graduate show in photography, held at Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg. My work, Stages (Efva and I), show the collaboration between myself and choreographer Efva Lilja. Click on the image above to see the whole work.


2018.04.29 Next to the Ocean reviewed in Göteborgs-Posten


2018.04.29 My work Stages (Efva and I) reviewed in Göteborgs-Posten

2018.05.20 In connection to our show at Röda Sten Konsthall we are publishing a catalogue with our work.

Next To The Ocean

2018.04.28 On Saturday we open the doors to our graduation show at Röda Sten Konsthall. You can follow our work with the exhibition on our Instagram account: @next_to_the_ocean or click on the image above to get to Röda sten.

Värmland skriver

2017.11.18 Joakim Magnusson and I are being interviewed during the Värmland Book-festival. The conversation concerned the recently publicised collection of short story's that we both are part of.


2014.05.30 At the end of May, I'm opening a solo show at Cyan Studios in Oslo. One of the new works in the show is a collaboration with artist Niklas Sillén. Click on the image above for documentation.


2013.11 Extracts from my solo show at Galleri Bergman, Karlstad.

Galleri Bergman 2013

2013.11.15 On Friday I will open my solo show at Galleri Bergman in Karlstad.

Eva klasson

2013.05.14 A few weeks back I meet up with legendary photographer Eva Klasson, now Amiteera Seyunte, for an interview. The text has been publicised by Fotografisk Tidskrift. To read, click on the image above (Swedish only).

Aten 2013

2013.09 During the autumn I have been in Athens, invited by the Swedish church, to hold a workshop in photography.


2012.12.08 On Saturday Niclas Östlind will open Benjamin Goss and my show Family album at Värmlands museum.

Värmlands bokmässa

2011.10 Talking about my second book entitled O.K at the Värmland Book Fair.

Göteborgs bokmässa

2010.10 Releasing my first book Into the Woods at the Gothenburg Book Fair.


2012.03 This month I'm having a workshop in Arvika with local kids, funded by Konstfrämjandet Värmland.

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