David at home

Athens, Greece 2013

Various sizes

Ed. 3+AP

David´s booktip

Athens, Greece 2013

Handwriten note



Self published book

Ed. 5

The first time I meet  David, a former fashion model and painter from Australia, was in Athens in 2013. He was selling his painting on the street, next to the house where he and a friend where staying as anti-squatters.

He took an interest in my work and during the week I was there we explored there house with my camera, doing portraits, staged images and uncovering different parts of the derelict building. The house had no window and the floors where covered with bird droppings from all the birds nesting in the celling. From the patio on the top floor, one could see Parthenon glowing at night.

Sometimes I went there with friends, other times I went alone. During the days we would make photographs, and during the the evenings we would drink, and smoke and listen to David tell story's. 

 Oskar Kardemark  2019 ©

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