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Born Into This


Archival pigment-prints

30 x 70 cm

Ed. 3+AP

Born into this shows my grandfather revisiting his childhood home in 1995.

He grew up there in the 1930-40s with his parents and six siblings. It was a poor household, disciplined and tidy. This picture was taken by my grandmother when he entered the house for the first time in over 50 years.


The photograph has been divided into three separate images to fit the borrowed format of old movie posters, so called stolpaffischer.

Artist Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff wrote the following about the piese: Oskar Kardemark returns to his personal archive when presenting, in a cinematic manner, the story of his grandfather in the triptych Born into this. In an uncanny snap shot from a dilapidated house the grandfather revisits his childhood home only to find it in ruins. The snap shot is divided in three images cropped into a classical movie poster format, and the frames and wall are painted in a silvery colour, indicating that anybody’s life has the potential to turn into fiction. Kardemark reminds us that we live in a mutual world of untold stories.

Don't Pass Me By

Galleri Format, Malmö 2019

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