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I primarily work with photography and writing. For me, these forms of expression are both intertwined, each informing the other, and yet also functioning as two separate practises. I have published interviews and essays relating to photography as a subject, but I also write as part of my photographic process, as a way of thinking and making my motives clearer.


Identity and interpersonal relationships are reoccurring themes in my work. I have a deep affection for filmmaking, something that is reflected in my works, which often play with notions of the staged and performed. Visually, I frequently return to houses and building structures as motives, as well as variations of portraits. 


Interdisciplinary collaborations have been at the core of my practice in recent years.


I work with analogue processes when making images, and with both analogue and digital processes when editing and making prints. Presenting my work in handmade frames has become an important part of my work and process. In a way, my frames have come to mimic the building structures that I often return to in my images.

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