My work deals with identity and interpersonal relationships. With a background in film my work often displays an interest for the staged, performed and narrated. I manly work with photography and writing.

In recent years interdisciplinary collaborations have been at the core of my practice.


Photography for me is the experience of seeing beyond looking, and the desire to share not only this experience but what was seen. This makes photography a very human and anti-solipsistic enterprise.

I often return to explore different aspects of the portrait. A portrait is a statement, it’s a triumphantly loving gaze.


In my writing I explore a wide array of subjects, different aspects of the photographic medium being one of them. These investigations often result in short essays.


I’m drawn to photography’s ambiguity and its relationship to notions of truth. Photographically documented performances interest me for this reason. The photographic image is poorly equipped to render the experience of a live performance, but it can be an engaging and powerful catalyst.  Then the documentation takes on a life of its own and become a separate work. These types of images inform a large part of my practise.


The house is a recurring symbol and metaphor in my work.